There are few of the best lighted makeup mirrors while getting ready in the morning—for you to pick. Sure, you can do your makeup just fine under the fluorescent lights in your bathroom or using the selfie camera of your phone, but who wants to squint for 15 minutes straight?

Not to mention the fact that having a mirror all to yourself comes in incredibly handy on days when you’re scrambling to get to work but your partner or roommate calls first dibs on the bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a tabletop vanity mirror with big light fixtures or one to get up close and personal use.

We choose this 3 of our favorite design just for you! You Malaysian's would love to get this popular Vanity Mirror design in Malaysia

Best Overall: Hollywood King Series Bluetooth Touch PRO

vanity mirror malaysia bluetooth king series cermin solekan

Best for Multitasking: Hollywood Queen Series Music PRO

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Best for Half body: Hollywood Sleek Series Tall Vanity Mirror